Welcome to the Sri Lankan Friendship Association of BC(SLFABC)

Our vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive community of people with their roots going back to Sri Lanka who are living in British Columbia Canada thus fostering a sense of belonging and friendship. We strive to provide a platform for Sri Lankan Canadians to share their experiences, cultural heritage, and interests, as well as to promote social, cultural, and educational events.

Our Purpose

To promote and preserve the understanding of history, culture, and traditions of Sri Lanka and foster a better understanding of same among the residents of British Columbia and Canada.

To strive for recognition and acceptance of the Sri Lankan - Canadian community in the mainstream of Canadian society.

To represent the Sri Lankan - Canadian community of British Columbia at various government levels, ethnic associations and similar bodies

To provide recreational, cultural, educational, and sporting activities.

To build a community spirit, and promote friendship and cordiality among the Sri Lankan - Canadians residing in British Columbia.

To sponsor or organize activities to raise funds for the Association.

To receive donations or raise funds for charitable and other community service projects sponsored organized by the Association.